In our various relationships we are usually concerned about our own emotional well-being and that of those around us.  Most of us would agree that we would like harmonious, balanced emotional lives, but things often happen and we lose that centeredness. How can we regain “the flow”?  What does each season teach us about emotional well-being that we can use all year round?

Each season has keynote emotions that present us with the opportunity to cultivate greater harmony and balance and a more flowing emotional experience. In the Spring it is anger (robust, rising energy) which asks us to balance it with gentleness. The worry/over thinking of Early Summer is calmed with trust and faith and Late Summer’s overly exuberant joy is toned down by entering into the peacefulness of the spirit. Autumn’s emotion is Grief/sadness and its balancing action can be deep understanding with acceptance. The Winter season has fear as its emotion, which is relieved by kindness and benevolence.  We can find ways to cultivate emotional healing in any season, at any time.

The organ system for this season is the Lung/Large Intestine.  Among its many other functions, we are most familiar with the idea that the Lungs are in charge of the flow of air in and out of our bodies. They connect our “insides” with our “outside” through the nose, its sense organ.  The Lung is literally the highest organ in the torso and directs the Qi it receives downward to the other organs. The Lung is known as a “delicate” organ and is, indeed, very sensitive to changes in hot, cold, dryness, dampness, and wind. The Lung is responsible for providing proper moisture to the skin and similarly through its paired partner, the Large Intestine, dry hair is a sign of a tired Lung. On those crisp, clear Fall days, be sure to get lots of fresh air and fill and empty the Lungs completely.  Breathe in Life and keep a smile in your heart!


Five Elements, TCM

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