What Do You Carry?

It’s all about perspective!

A crowd of people may be watching the same event, but each person may interpret the same scene differently. While one may focus on emotions and facial expressions, another may focus on only a few choice words, skewing the meaning of the conversation. How does that happen?

In the midst of life’s struggles and celebrations, we bring our own perspectives to our view of the changing world. What we carry within us and hold true to our hearts is what colors the lenses we look out of. Are you the optimistic type that always sees a glass half full? Or are you someone who finds flaws in the most insignificant places?

All of your life experiences shape you into the person you are becoming. Every one of those experiences has a purpose in the larger scheme of life. You were meant to experience each of those events for a certain reason. The heaviness within you colors you. The lightness within you does the same. What colors do you see? What do you carry within your heart? Can you begin to let some of that heaviness go? Loosen your grip and lighten your heart. When you do, notice how your view of the world around you begins to shift, open up and change.