Virtual Qigong and Consciousness: The Connection

2020 has presented our world with a multitude of challenges. We interviewed Grand Master Nan Lu on the benefits of virtual Qigong, in preparation for our upcoming morning program. Tune in Friday morning for Part 2 of this interview.

How is online Qigong different than Qigong taught in person?

If you are learning online, what do you learn? It depends how you learn. Learning English online may be easier than learning Qigong, because you are seeing words on a screen. But learning movement requires more.

Masters or instructors must have the skill to translate and guide this information through the 2-dimensional screen. If you’re face-to-face, it’s easy to read body language and to quickly correct an improper form. But if the instructor can’t see his students, he has to imagine the students are there. He has to use emotions to allow the students to have that experience.

Students that want to learn online have to prepare as well. They must ask themselves: Do I know how to watch, how to see, how to listen? Can I take a 2-dimensional reality and translate it into a 3-dimensional reality? Most people haven’t been taught to learn this way. We are capable of learning through the internet, but we have to give our bodies time to discover this new skill.

Online class is a challenge. But so is the entirety of 2020. Could you share your thoughts?

From our belief, everything happens for a reason. At the spiritual, consciousness and genetic levels, we’ve already downloaded the information. We already know we are able to deal with this situation.

We always go back to this truth: The answer lies within. Inside your body, all the cells of your eyes, your mind, your earsevery cell knows how to see, how to watch. You can look but you cannot truly see. You need to look within to discover this skill inside of you.

The word “discover” is important. To develop means you’re still learning from the outside. But when you discover, you find what is already within you. You already have the answer. No one can take that away. So, how can we unlock the key and unlock the power? Dig deeper. Be patient. Put in quality practice, and practice often. Rememberquality and quantity.

Each one of us has a challenge to discover our own gifts. Do you have the faith to believe you are the one?

Qigong practice can help you connect to your consciousness. Then your consciousness will connect to everything. Then you will understand—I can learn through my consciousness. That’s better than learning through my mind.

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Morning Qigong with Grand Master Nan Lu

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