The Freedom to “Be”

When you think of something “freeing”, what comes to mind? Maybe skydiving, snorkeling, windsurfing or rock climbing? What about simply dancing? At one moment or another in your life, you’ve heard music that has inspired a dance move or two. But whether your music of choice is Classical, Rap, R&B, Disco or Motown, the beat of the song needs to resonate in order for you to deeply connect with it.

Think about the last time you heard a great song that made you want to get up and move. Were your arms stiff? Did your feet move in the same predictable steps? Or did you truly let yourself go?

Dancing is a form of moving meditation. Allowing yourself the freedom to let go is a gift. When we think of meditation, we often picture people sitting silently with eyes closed. But meditation in its most simplistic form is allowing oneself the opportunity to connect to the deeper, spiritual level in order to reach enlightenment. Can you picture yourself delving deeply inward, entranced in a dance?

Try This Fun Activity

Play music with a steady beat, such as a drumming sound. Feel your body move along to the beat. Become aware of the way your body moves and expresses the music. Feel your arms moving, your feet stomping, your head swaying. As the beat of the music gets faster and less repetitive, allow your body to move freely. Let your energy take over as the beat moves inward. Don’t think about the music or focus on your moves. Instead, give yourself the freedom to just “be”—happy, silly, fun and creative.

Close your eyes, blocking out all worry, fear and judgement, and simply move. As you do, begin to notice that your body is almost floating. You’re connecting to a higher wisdom: the power that intuitively knows the movements your body needs to make.

End your meditation with hands in prayer position in front of your heart. Give thanks for this body that supports you and this gift of freedom you can give yourself whenever you need an internal boost.