Dragon’s Way Qigong® Guidebook

Dragon’s Way Qigong is a multifaceted program that offers week-by-week experiences in self-healing.

This guidebook was developed to support you as you dive into your Qigong practice, and develop a renewed relationship with your body. You’ll learn about the Five Element Consciousness Framework and why uneven emotions and stress are a reflection of energy flow.

Each week, you’ll be guided to build a better relationship with your body by listening to the messages its sending you. You’ll decipher the messages and learn what to do.

In addition, you’ll enjoy an eating plan that outlines meals and offers some recipes.

For a complete experience we recommend the following:

Dragon’s Way Qigong DVD also available On-Demand

Traditional Chinese Medicine Guide to Weight Loss that Lasts

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Whether you are a first-time Dragon's Way Qigong® participant or a long-time student of this powerful practice, this weekly guidebook is a must-have addition to your collection. This book contains recipes, action plans, journal pages, inspirational quotes, personal assessment guides, and so much more. In week-by-week lessons you'll experience shifts in your body that you never thought possible.

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