Prevention Tea Package

Each teas was created for a particular need.  When herbalists combine ingredients, the intention is to direct a team effort for healing purposes. Tea is so beneficial because it adds a warming essence that the body generally needs.  Developed by Grand Master Nan Lu, each of these items can be used anytime by anyone.



Keep these medncinal teas handy.  All natural, high quality herbs bring the best form of natural healing to your body. Healthy Digestion Tea -  Everyone can use a bit of digestive support.  Drink this tea daily and help your center (stomach) become more balanced. Cold Prevention Tea - Drink at the first sign of a cold or virus or simply enjoy the tea as part of your personal prevention protocol. Magical Flowers - Ease eye strain after a long day of screen time. Add to your cereal or in a drink.  Either way this formula will support Liver function, the organ related to eye health.

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Weight .75 lbs

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