The Promise of Spring

We’ve often heard people say, “You can look but you can not see.” To see is everything. To see is a miracle. Each one of us is a walking miracle.

We are connected. We are fearless. We’ve been promised. The promise is a promise that tomorrow will be beautiful. Your life will be promised. No matter what your religion—God, Nature, Universe—that promise is behind you, next to you, and will be with you, side-by-side, all the way.

Spring provides the perfect metaphor for that promise. The flower hasn’t yet bloomed, but be patient, your life will be promised. That’s growth, that’s Spring, that’s Nature’s promise. In a mother’s womb is the promise of growth.

You breathe in Nature’s promise. You breathe in fearlessness. And as you breathe in, life will be promised—tomorrow will be beautiful.

Spring comes and goes, again, again, and again. With us or without us, Spring will still come. Life continues. Spring consciousness is never late. It always comes just in time. Can we catch this time and allow ourselves to grow?

We are part of Nature. All the strength and wisdom buried inside the Spring season is connected to Liver function. Since Spring is the message of growth and the promise of new life, Nature gives us unlimited love and compassion. Can we use this to grow? Can we create today’s life and tomorrow’s life?

When Spring is over, Summer will come. How can we grow ourselves so we can enjoy Summer’s show? 

Catch this opportunity! Use Spring’s rising energy to support your Liver. It’s time to grow—your health, your immunity, your life, and your compassion. Everything is invisibly there to help you connect.

– Master Lu


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