Happy Lunar New Year: The Year of the Wood Dragon!

Saturday, February 10 marks a brand new year in the lunar calendar, also known as Chinese New Year. The starting date of Chinese New Year changes each year, usually falling on a day between January 21 – February 20. The lunar calendar begins with the first new moon of the year and ends with a full moon. Filled with traditions and rituals, Chinese New Year is the most important and celebrated holiday in the Chinese calendar. For two weeks, business life just about comes to a halt, while the focus shifts to family, and traditions center around bringing good luck and long life.

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is represented by the combination of an animal sign (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig) and one of the five elements in Nature (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth).

The animal signs repeat in a 12-year cyclical pattern and are assigned based on a person’s date of birth. The essence and spirit of our lunar signs help us tune in to certain aspects of our personalities. Although 2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon, every animal sign in the zodiac is connected. Read this post to find your animal sign and learn your fortune for the Year of the Wood Dragon.

As a thoughtful and conscientious leader, Rabbit’s introspective nature influenced every animal sign throughout 2023. As Rabbit—the gentlest of animals in the zodiac—hands its reins over to the powerful and mysterious Dragon, all signs have the opportunity to experience a profound change.

Wood Element and Liver/Gallbladder System

The Dragon is the fifth animal sign in the lunar calendar. This year’s element is Wood, which energetically relates to Liver energy. The Liver’s nature is to move its energy upward and outward freely. This movement is much like the branches of a tree—hence the association with Wood. The Liver, and its partner, Gallbladder perform many important energy functions that are vital to your health.

The Liver/Gallbladder organ system is all about smooth flow. Wherever there is an excess or deficiency—of Qi, blood, or emotion—it’s the Liver’s job to smooth things out. The cooperative relationship between the Liver/Gallbladder and the Spleen/Stomach results in a healthy digestive system. Healthy Liver function is also evident in physical and emotional flexibility, and healthy eyes, hair, and nails. The Liver is the main organ responsible for women’s health. Keeping Liver Qi flowing smoothly is the key to normal menstrual cycles, reproductive health, and breast health.

The Year of the Wood Dragon brings about a powerful energy shift. If we can align ourselves with Nature’s energy flow, we will enjoy greater health and balance throughout the lunar year.

Dragon Spirit

The Year of the Wood Dragon merges flexibility and movement (Wood/Liver) with mystery and transformation (Dragon). With Dragon’s lucky and charismatic nature and the Wood element’s ability to go with the flow, life can progress in incredible ways throughout 2024.

Of all the animals in the zodiac, the Dragon is the only one we can’t see in this reality. Stories about dragons have been told for thousands of years over many generations. Millions of people have put their thought and creativity into this mysterious being. When stories manifest into something visible, they are not just stories anymore. As such, the Dragon has become part of the fabric of the Chinese culture.

Dragons can live in two worlds at the same time—visible and invisible. They often fly between these worlds, creating a sense of intrigue, hope, and transformation. Kind-hearted and confident by nature, Dragons inspire trust and are able to think and move with flexibility and freedom. This lunar year is an opportunity to jump in with both feet first, trust your intuition, and then let go and simply flow with life’s movements. By embracing the dynamic energy of the Wood Dragon, every sign has the ability to boldly seek adventure and grow in unimaginable ways.

Wood Dragon’s Influence

People born in the Year of the Dragon (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024) are decisive and driven, and are often regarded as trusted and admired confidants. Dragons are wildly eccentric and self-confident, yet are known to be thoughtful and tend to the needs of those around them. The Wood element’s influence is constant and steady growth, mixed with trust and flexibility. This year, as Dragons explore and reach their own creative potential, other signs will be encouraged to seek adventure that inspires their inner growth.

Dragons push past anything in their way and find a creative angle from which to morph into the best version of themselves. Other animals look to Dragon as an approachable authority figure, one they can confide in and lean on for support. The influence of Wood/Liver will encourage all signs to connect and flow smoothly and peacefully, so that all messages are communicated with ease. The message for all signs this year is flexibility and connection. With the Wood Dragon at the helm, animal signs that can shift their perspectives and flow into the Wood Dragon’s energy and growing mystery will have the opportunity to experience the visible and invisible through a new, and more profound lens.