Essential Asian Condiments

SWEET POTATO POWDERInstead of cornstarch we often use sweet potato powder to thicken soups or to bind the juices in a vegetable dish.
FISH SAUCEJust a few drops of Fish Sauce make any sauce or stir-fry more flavorful without changing the essence of the dish. Experiment to see which amount suits your palate best.
SOY SAUCESoy Sauce (both the dark sauce and the light sauce), mushroom-flavored or plain, always adds an extra fillip of flavor to your favorite marinades and sauces. Go easy on the dark soy sauce, which is more concentrated than the light version.
SESAME OILSesame Oil’s nutty deep taste not only boosts the piquancy of any dish, but has also been used for thousands of centuries to build blood, nourish your hair, and strengthen your yin.
MUSHROOM POWDERA quarter teaspoon or so of Mushroom Powder stimulates one of your five basic tastes, giving a welcome savoriness to vegetables and meats without increasing salt content. It’s an all-natural extract from mushrooms; be sure to buy the brand made in Taiwan!
COOKING WINEOur favorite brand of Cooking Wine, Shaoxing, will enhance any dish, especially stir-fries and soups. Add a splash towards the end of cooking to add depth to your food.