An Incredible Journey with Wu Ming Qigong

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual?” Some people seem to float aimlessly through life, never having reached their full potential. Others seem to struggle, never seeming to catch a break. Whatever the case, life is often harder than it needs to be. What if I were to tell you that life does come with instructions, it’s just not in the form of a bound book that we can hold or an eBook we can download to our modern-day tablets.

Life isn’t always what it seems on the surface. We know that there is much more there than we can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. Connecting to what lies beyond our five senses can open a whole new world to explore. When trying to do this, we often seek self-help books, self-development programs, or attend motivational speaking engagements. While that is a valid way to connect, another way is to take an incredible journey down the path of Wu Ming Qigong.

Having a teacher that can interpret the instruction manual that we are all born with is critical for personal development of the highest level. The level and skill of the teacher can elevate your understanding of your deepest questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I experience peace and lasting health?

It all begins in the visible, with this big, blue planet Earth. Nature is our guidebook, our instruction manual for life, with its words written in the most unexpected places. They are transcribed in the bark of a tree, a blooming flower, an erupting volcano, and a double rainbow in the sky. They are disguised in the howl of wolves during a full moon and a newborn baby’s cry. Studying with a high-level master introduces you to this lost language that you can reinterpret with your senses. More importantly, it helps you to go beyond the senses to understand and experience the driving force behind the book that holds all of our individual stories.

The path to learning is not always easy. It takes hard work, perseverance, and a willing and open heart to learn something you may not have experienced before. You have a choice. You can take the easy path—hot baths, relaxing music, more time in Nature. Or you can dig in and do the hard work of discovering your own untapped potential. Maybe you want to eliminate the shoulder pain that has plagued you since high school or shake your low energy levels. Whatever your reason, once you are called to begin your own Qigong practice, you’re already listening to what lies beyond.

Study with an authentic master. Join the group of dedicated students in Tao of Morning Qigong, every Tuesday and Saturday morning at 8 AM EST. New monthly sessions start in November.


– Amber Suter, contributor