Wireless Series: Decreasing Your Exposure

We are continually surrounded by wireless signals. From cell phones, wireless headphones, and smart TVs to cell towers and routers, it seems WiFi signals are simply everywhere. Many studies have been conducted to show the damaging effects of WiFi on the body, and even still, our dependence on our devices increases.

So what can you do?

In this series, we will offer weekly tips to decrease your exposure to harmful WiFi signals.

Cell Phones

Do you remember what life was like before your cell phone? We use our phones as our primary means of communication—call, text, email—as well as photo and video storage, calendar, entertainment, and much more. Children younger than two years of age are handed cell phones to occupy them in restaurants, and teens pop their phones in their pockets when not in their hands.

As per the CDC, the World Health Organization is studying the effects of cell phone use on our eyes, sleep, memory, headaches, and certain types of tumors. One tumor grows on the nerve between the ear and the brain, while another is found in the brain or central nervous system. From the TCM perspective, WiFi, electromagnetic frequency (EMF), and radio frequency (RF) radiation disrupt the body’s natural vibrations, creating stress in the body and depleting our Qi.

Even though we know all of this information, it seems next to impossible to put our phones down for even a day.

So what can we do to limit our exposure?

1. Limit your use. The easiest way to limit your exposure is to use the phone or device less often. Get out in Nature! Take some time to walk the dog or go on a bike ride. Visit with a neighbor or spend time with a friend you don’t see very often, and leave your device at home. You’ll be amazed at the amount of time you save when you disconnect.

2. Put space between you and your device. Do you sleep with your phone next to your bed? It’s best to keep your phone out of your bedroom. If you must use it as an alarm, set it to airplane mode at night. Do you type with your laptop on your lap? Be sure to put a pillow between you and your laptop.

3. Follow the no-touch rule! Put your phone on speaker while you’re talking, and avoid using wireless headphones. Remember, even when your phone is not in use, it emits radiation. Never put your phone in your bra or your pocket.


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