Wireless Series: Decreasing Your Exposure, Part 2

We are continually surrounded by wireless signals. From cell phones, wireless headphones, and smart TVs to cell towers and routers, it seems WiFi signals are simply everywhere. Many studies have been conducted to show the damaging effects of WiFi on the body, and even still, our dependence on our devices increases.

So what can you do?

The first post in this series offered tips to limit WiFi exposure from cell phones. Here, we’ll explore the vibrations that cause stress, and what happens while you’re driving.

Vibrations and Stress

Every organ system in our bodies vibrates at its own energetic frequency. When Qi flows harmoniously through the body, these vibrations form a masterful symphony. But when we are under stress, our bodies vibrate erratically, making it hard for us to connect both with ourselves and with Nature around us.

Stress is not just something we experience when we are working, commuting, or dealing with a tough situation. All of the interruptions to our normal vibrations—WiFi, 5G, and the like—are sources of stress on the body. While Qigong, Tai Chi, and meditation are wonderful avenues to help de-stress and rebalance, why do we make our bodies work so hard in the first place?


As per AAA, Americans collectively spend 70 billion hours driving every year. Much of that time is spent talking on a cell phone or using GPS through a wireless Bluetooth device. Cars are essentially metal enclosures. Using devices in cars creates radiation hot spots and emits higher levels of radiation.

So what can we do to limit our exposure?

1. Disable or limit the car’s Bluetooth and wireless access. Learn how to turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi in your car. Not only is this better for your health, it leads to safer, less distracted driving.

2. Use a plug-in GPS. Using wired devices will greatly limit your exposure.

3. Turn your phone’s setting to “Airplane Mode”.


In low-reception areas, such as the inside of a car, phones emit higher levels of radiation as they continually search for a signal. Keep these tips in mind the next time you venture out on a road trip!

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