Metabolism Function Studies (Six, 1-hour sessions)

Grand Master Lu guides listeners in a study of the importance of healthy metabolism function. Learn how to analyze your current metabolism function, and what you can do to improve your health.

Series will be sent to you on a flash drive.


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Today, more than 47 millions people are affected by conditions related to metabolic syndrome, including diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Why are these conditions so challenging to treat? Often, traditional treatment approaches–Western or Eastern–don't work.  If you are ready for a deeply satisfying approach to healing and want to stop fighting with illness and disease, this six-part online seminar will help you gain new insights. Join Grand Master Nan Lu on this extraordinary journey into metabolism function.  These six recordings will be sent on a 2GB flash: Session 1: Changing the Angle of View on Symptom Treatment and Management Session 2: Qi–Life's Creative Force Session 3: The Vital Triangle of Metabolism Function Session 4: Food–Getting Its Maximum Benefit Session 5: Spirit's Purpose Session 6: Metabolic Syndrome Case Study *Recommended reading as a study guide to this course: "Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for a Healthy Metabolism Function"  Click here to purchase.  

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