Your support helps us share the gift of natural healing We thank you in advance for your confidence and support in our work. While all our programs focus on the overall well-being of everyone, it’s our intention to develop more valuable resources that help women live healthier lives. Our self-healing programs teach skills that rebalance the body by reducing stress and developing an awareness of the body’s needs. Once learned, the techniques can be shared to support the entire family.


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”As a couple, we study and practice with Master Lu and benefit from (and believe in) the foundation's mission. Through natural ways of understanding and being, our lives are healthier and happier. Our desire is to create opportunities for others to experience whatever awaits. Receiving and giving go hand in hand."

--Stefani Filak, MD and Barbara Rice

Qigong continues to challenge my perspective on life and ultimately the emotions I attach to life events. It has made me acutely aware of how lucky I really am and I want others to know this too. I'm grateful for everything Master Lu has taught me and Stephi over the past 20 years."

--Barb Z, Educator

"I want people to know about Master Lu's effective approach to safe, natural healing. I've referred several women who had worrisome breast ultrasounds to They began doing the Breast Health Qigong exercises and had dramatic improvement in their conditions.

--Larry Stoler, PhD

“Master Lu manifests the same goals in teaching students and in medicine that I have--to empower people to bring out the best of what's inside them and to grow in body, mind and spirit. To help carry these ideals and efforts into the world, I support his work on many levels including through the foundation."

-- Rick Agel,  MD

“It is with deep respect that I support this organization that has given me the platform to help others. It's not only Qigong practice but the shift in thinking that enabled me to heal myself. What started as an interest has become a life passion."

--Monica Posen

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