How Michael Achieved Whole-Body Wellness

Saved! Five years ago I developed bad pains in my upper arms. I did not want to go my GP and be sent through the mill from one specialist to another. My colleague suggested that I visit Dr. Nan Lu, and explained that her husband was healed of ankle pain with acupuncture treatments. I decided to give it a try.

I was told that my arms were fine, but that my neck and shoulder area were full of tension. I was counseled to go for a weekly treatment for one month. I did so, and I noticed that the arm pain began to diminish. I then had a treatment every two weeks for another month. Now I go religiously for one treatment every month. The arm pain has disappeared. After the first month, I began to take the herbs that the doctor prescribed. These combined treatments have brought me to what I consider fine health.

I still work at the age of seventy two. More than anything, I love my job. The idea of retiring does not appeal to me at all. The fact that I’m able to continue to work has improved my health as well.

At each visit, the doctor feels the pulse in both wrists and asks if I have any health issues. Over the years, these treatments have managed to reduce the amount of phlegm that my body creates, strengthen my immune system, keep my digestive system in check, reduce my seasonal allergy symptoms, and increase my strength and overall energy levels.

I bless the day that I learned about Dr. Nan Lu. He and those who work with him are the kindest people that I have ever known. I look forward to my monthly visits, because after a treatment I always feel better in mind, body, and spirit.

In conclusion, I can only wish that your experience with Dr. Nan Lu and his remarkable team works as well for you as it has for me.

In the spirit of peace,

Professor Michael Renzulli