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Professor Xi-Hua Xu

Professor Xu is a respected scholar, researcher and lecturer on Qigong and Taoist philosophy. For 27 years, he served as professor in the Chinese history department at Yunan University, where he developed a specialty in Taoism and its effect on longevity, human consciousness and extrasensory perception (ESP). His work with the Chinese Qigong Association, China’s government body dedicated to qualifying Qigong experts and advancing this ancient self-healing energy system, led to a national seminar series from 1988 to 1990 on Taoism and healing. He is a specialist in cancer, heart disease, diabetes and problems of organ system functions.



Nan Lu, OMD

From my earliest days of practicing traditional Chinese medicine more than two decades ago, I felt a great passion to introduce this unique perspective on health and healing to as many people in our culture as possible. Today, I feel that passion more than ever. I saw that educating, patients, students and professionals through our TCM World Foundation would help bring the principles, theories and practices of authentic traditional Chinese medicine into our Western lifestyles for a spiritually fulfilling and healthful life. It is still remarkable to me that this ancient system and its Five Element framework reflect modern science so beautifully at its most profound level. Both frameworks help us understand that deep down, everything is energy, and underpinning our reality is a state of “oneness.” We are all connected to everything—worlds within and the world without. This Foundation is a living path that is devoted to helping those we touch to become conscious of their purpose, achieve vibrant health and recognize that when energy flows freely and the body works in harmony, disease and illness have no place to live.”

Founding Director and President, 
Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation
 and the Tao of Healing; 
New York, New York

Nan Lu, OMD, holds a doctorate in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hubei, China, and is a New York State–licensed acupuncturist. His work is dedicated to developing educational programs and curricula to help individuals discover their own healing abilities and the effect of consciousness on the body, mind and spirit. Classically and academically trained, Dr. Lu is a master herbalist and an internationally recognized Taiji expert and Qigong master. He is the best-selling author of three self-care books on TCM published by HarperCollins, as well as a newly published work, Ask Dr. Lu. He is a clinical associate professor at the State University of New York (SUNY), School of Social Welfare, where he also serves as an executive board member of the Center for Culturally Competent Education and Training.


ellen_bioEllen Schaplowsky

“The Tao led me on a merry chase with a condition that Western medicine could neither name nor explain. My path led me to a young practitioner of Chinese medicine. Over time, the treatment approach worked, but the most important benefit of this meeting was an endlessly engaging puzzle that continues to intrigue me even more today on a deeper level. In looking back, it was a classic example of “I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.” That could be true today, but hopefully the “not knowing” occurs on a deeper level. It was my privilege to help Dr. Lu plant seeds in the early days of his work communicating the extraordinary benefits of TCM, Qigong and the internal martial arts and the more amazing rewards of Taoist spirituality. The beautiful flowers that grew turned into a vibrant garden that we have tended and is now Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation.”

Vice President, Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation;
 Conference Director, Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine; 
New York, New York

As founding vice president of TCM World Foundation, Ellen Schaplowsky has collaborated with Nan Lu, OMD, on developing many of the organization’s educational initiatives and publications. She has also helped co-author his three self-care books on TCM. A longtime Qigong student of Dr. Lu, she is certified in LifeForce: Tao of Medical Qigong. Ellen also serves as executive vice president and the director of training at Ruder Finn, Inc., one of the world’s largest independent PR firms. Her extensive background includes creating reputation-building communications strategies for well-known companies, brands, and nonprofit organizations, as well media and presentation training for company spokesperson, as well as coaching for senior executives and clients.


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Deborah Hallahan, Irma Jenne, Elaine Katen

TCM Health Consultants, Instructors, and Facilitators




Angela van Zandt, Josh Schindler, Jennifer Oh

Product Sales; Technology; Outreach, Social Media, and Promotion




Karen Schulz, Carlton Davis, Kristen Park

Graphic Design; Photography; Print and Online Content Development



Throughout our existence, the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation has been nurtured and supported by many volunteers who have generously given of their time and talents. We gratefully acknowledge their spirit, passion and unique contributions. We are all woven together in this special journey of the heart.