Tao of Branding and Marketing

10 NCCAOM PDAs. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to a membership page. 

Tao of Branding (Part I)

With Cheryl Hills

The branding portion of this course teaches solo entrepreneurs and small businesses in the holistic medicine, life coaching, healing, spiritual, and wellness industries how to create an authentic brand essence that aligns with your ideal client. Brand essence is more than just a relationship between a brand and its audience; it’s about creating a humanized, energetic connection. We like to call it “Brand Qi.” The objective of this course is to help you define your “secret sauce” and teach you how to deliver it in the simplest way possible. Classes will meet for 90 minutes each session (with 30 minutes for Q&A afterwards). 4 NCCAOM PDAs for Part 1.


Defining Your Brand Essence

March 9th, 9:00 a.m. (EST)

In our first session, we dive deep into the heart of your brand and develop a strategy around it.

  1. The Importance of Branding: Understand why it’s essential
  2. Developing Your Brand Strategy’s Vision, Mission, and Goals: A simple framework to communicate your business and goals and align with your target audience
  3. Storytelling and Authenticity: Learn how to share your story and offerings in a way that resonates and engages.
  4. Brand Touchpoints: Identify and define key points of interaction with your audience.

Building and Elevating Your Brand Essence

March 16th, 9:00 a.m. (EST)

Whether you hire resources or do it yourself, this module will guide you in making empowered choices that align with your brand essence.

  1. Visual Essentials: Guidance on making visual choices that reflect your brand’s spirit.
  2. Creating a Brand Identity: Dive into the elements that make your brand unique to you, visually aligned and consistent.
  3. Your brand into a website: Whether building your website on your own or working with a developer, learn the fundamentals of website design and the elements needed for a basic structure that is simple yet effective.

Tao of Marketing (Part II)

With Jennifer Oh, DACM

The marketing portion will focus on optimizing digital marketing for wellness practitioners. In this 3-part series, Jennifer Oh, DACM, will share the basics of marketing a successful wellness practice, using digital marketing techniques with a Taoist mindset. You’ll learn how to effectively build an online presence with budget-friendly tools to attract a steady stream of new clients.  Classes will meet for 90  minutes each session (with 30 minutes for Q&A afterwards) and include handouts for future reference. 6 NCCAOM PDAs for Part 2.


The Basics of Building a Simple Yet Professional Website

April 6th, 9:00 AM (EST)

  1. Website basics: setting up an effective website and SEO basics.
  2. Review platforms: How to set up and utilize review platforms such as Google Business Pages and Yelp to increase your SEO and attract new clients.
  3. Social Media marketing and direct marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts
  4. The Secret Ingredient is You: the importance of energy, beliefs & mindset for manifesting business success.

Creating Your Internet Presence and SEO Strategies

April 13th, 9:00 AM (EST)

  1. SEO and Keywords: How to effectively use keywords to rank highly on SERP (search engine results pages)
  2. Social media and website examples:What makes them attractive and have good SEO?
  3. Online Marketing Platforms: The pros and cons of Google Ads, Yelp Ads, discount platforms and event platforms.
  4. Five Element Manifestation: how to practice Taoist mindset exercises for business success.

Content Building Using Keyword Planning Tools

April 20th, 9:00 AM (EST)

  1. SEO and website content building: An in-depth focus on optimizing keyword usage.
  2. Keyword Planning Tools: Web tools that generate high-performance keywords and to track keyword effectiveness, including Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Keywords Planner, Semrush, ChatGPT, and UberSuggest.com.
  3. Changing Beliefs: Getting in the habit of using a Taoist quantum mindset to manifest clients.


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About the presenters

Cheryl Hills is a creative director and brand strategist with a passion for combining her love of creativity, connecting the invisible with the visible worlds, building collaborative relationships with healers and conscious changemakers, and supporting their journey. Cheryl is the founder of BEING®, a Soul-Centered Innovation™ Consultancy that partners with conscious businesses to bring authentic brands to life, empowering their wisdom to inspire, reach many, and impact change. She has a deep interest in metaphysics, healing, and intuitive arts and has been studying them for over two decades. Cheryl is a long-time student of Grand Master Nan Lu and contributes creatively to his programs and organizations. She has received training in Life Force Medical Qigong™ and Qigong Meridian Therapy.

Jennifer Oh, DACM, is a long-time student of Grand Master Nan Lu and regularly shares her passion for his teachings through her volunteer work at TCM World Foundation. Under Dr. Lu’s guidance, she became a Dragon’s Way Qigong instructor in 2014 and is currently training to become a LifeForce: Tao of Medical Qigong practitioner. She has studied with top prosperity coaches and wellness entrepreneurs and worked in the publishing industry after receiving her master’s in creative writing from Columbia University. Dr. Oh graduated with her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health and Science and has owned a thriving holistic wellness practice in New York City since 2014.