Imagine standing in front of a crowded audience. The lights beam as you notice that all eyes are on you. How are you feeling? Are your palms sweaty and your heart racing or do you revel in the spotlight? Now imagine that you are sailing at sea–far enough out that you can no longer see […]

Everything is energy. All energy has consciousness. All consciousness has purpose. This is the guiding principle behind the saying, “The body never lies.” A symptom is a message. It’s your body’s way of communicating with you. A symptom is simply energy, and it has a consciousness and a purpose of its own. But headaches, joint […]

Something about playing in the dirt is rejuvenating. Have you ever seen children jump in a muddy puddle and smile with joy as the mud splashed all over their faces? Their joy is endless, laughter contagious. Adults feel it, too. Think about the worry, anxiety, and stress—all negative emotions—that somehow disappear while you work in […]

Joy is about finding that spark that magically lights up your life. The tricky part is holding onto that joy and making it a part of who you are.

We forgive others, but have the hardest time giving ourselves the same respect. It’s time now to let it go and forgive yourself.