Most people discard corn silks in favor of the sweet kernels inside. But everything in Nature is necessary. Do you know the healing benefits of corn silk? Read on!

Throughout human existence, there have been stories of good and evil, of hatred and love, of perseverance and of failure. These human emotions and experiences shape us as individuals as much as they shape the world as a whole. It’s often hard for people to figure out their role in the larger picture. The world […]

With its versatility and a history that dates back to ancient times, eggplant is a true TCM healing and weight-loss wonder.

Many people resolve to lose weight in the new year. Often, that entails diet and exercise routines. But all too often, the weight that is lost comes back on. Learn how to use an entirely new type of thinking to rebalance the body and take the weight off for good, with Dragon’s Way Qigong.

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