Those closest to us—including ourselves—deserve the best of us. This Valentine’s Day—and every day—shower yourself and those you love with an extra dose of TLC.

It’s easy to say, “I’m going to make time for me today.” But can you fill your life with goodness that reaches the depth of your heart and soul every single day?

Don’t put yourself off until tomorrow. Your health, your happiness and your self-love come first. You come first.

Life is a series of moments all woven together, and you are the thread that makes the moments speak, feel, breathe—come alive. You have the ability to give yourself a beautiful life. How do you want to live it?

Throughout our lives, we surround ourselves with people, experiences, and things that make us happy. But is this truly where we find our happiness? In times of sadness, like relationship issues or job loss, we consult self-help sites and find consolation in those with similar stories and experiences. Or we buy ourselves things to make […]

We forgive others, but have the hardest time giving ourselves the same respect. It’s time now to let it go and forgive yourself.

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