Regardless of your relationships, degrees, jobs, and accomplishments, the most important part of your story is you!

Your body’s fuel consists of much more than food. What do you truly “feed” your body? Do these messages nourish and support your soul?

Meditation is beautiful and powerful. But often times, we think too much about it. We walk into it with our minds, not our free hearts. You must first understand that everything is meditation. Don’t say, “I’m going to practice meditation.” Meditation is not something that you do or you practice. Real meditation just happens. It’s […]

Join Evan Rabinowitz as he teaches a method of body-awareness: tuning in to the inner landscape of the body through the simultaneous acts of listening and conscious awareness. He will discuss how in the fundamental regions of our body (the chest, the head, the pelvis) we experience different aspects of ourselves. These body regions can be vehicles for awareness of our thoughts, […]

After you’ve made it through the turmoil of a difficult life experience, treat your mind, body, and spirit to some much-needed TLC.

Inflammation: it’s become the fashionable medical buzzword in the past few years, the latest old “new” scapegoat blamed for everything from atherosclerosis, obesity, and depression to autoimmune disorders, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. More and more western medical doctors are urging patients to follow an anti-inflammatory diet and take steps to reduce inflammation in their bodies to […]