Meditation is beautiful and powerful. But often times, we think too much about it. We walk into it with our minds, not our free hearts. You must first understand that everything is meditation. Don’t say, “I’m going to practice meditation.” Meditation is not something that you do or you practice. Real meditation just happens. It’s […]

The benefits of meditation extend far beyond the visible. When we are stressed and anxious, nothing seems to calm as much as a deep, quiet breath. Spending time looking inward is powerful. But the most important part of meditation is clearing the mind. Although emptying the mind is the most important part, it’s also the […]

Mindfulness—a state of careful self-observation without judgement—is a buzz word these days. Many people practice mindful meditation, where they are guided to focus on music or images in order to turn inward and delve deeper. Clearly, this practice uses the mind. But true meditation and Qigong cannot be associated with the mind. When the mind […]