Today, the world celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who inspired the world to have faith and believe that real change was possible. Your journey through life is what you make of it. The ending has not yet been written. That’s up to you.

Each branch of a tree serves a purpose. Just as no one branch is unnecessary, nothing in life is unnecessary.

Life is a series of moments all woven together, and you are the thread that makes the moments speak, feel, breathe—come alive. You have the ability to give yourself a beautiful life. How do you want to live it?

If there were a checklist of everything you wanted to accomplish throughout your life, what might be on it? Some people call it their ‘bucket list’, and include things out-of-character, like skydiving, backpacking across Europe, and climbing Mount Everest. While these things are exhilarating, life would still be complete without them. So what other things […]

Each year, butterflies migrate en-mass to Mexico and California. Monarchs travel about 3,000 miles along the same path every single time—a path that they instinctively know. Many species of butterflies are full of color, spreading their wings, and bringing joy to every environment. The meaning and symbolism of the entrancing butterfly is interwoven with its […]

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