HAPPY FALL EQUINOX! September 23 marks the official 2019 Autumn equinox for the Northern Hemisphere. Today, a perfect balance exists between the lengths of night and day, yin and yang. The equinox is a great time to think about your own balance—work/play, rest/activity, family/self. The equinox also heralds the beginning of the cooler season. This […]

Mint is a cooling herb and makes a great addition to summertime foods—the perfect way to cool off in the heat of the summer.

“When white radishes are in season, doctors should take a break.” – Ancient Chinese proverb. As one may discern from this Chinese proverb, the unassuming daikon radish (along with its cousins, the black or red radish) has long been considered a superfood in many Asian cultures. It has an unremarkable ability to re-balance the digestive system, […]