Upgrade Your Consciousness. A two-part complimentary webinar series presented by Grand Master Nan Lu. The discussion will begin by examining why you must use your consciousness wisely. Part Two will offer guidance on how to upgrade your consciousness for better health and happiness.   Join Us This Sunday and Monday! PART ONE: Sunday, May 6, […]

Consciousness and Universal Connections: A conversation with Grand Master Nan Lu and Menas Kafatos, PhD If you attended our 2017 conference, you’ll recall a lively exchange between quantum physicist Menas Kafatos, PhD and Grand Master Lu. We couldn’t wait a whole year to learn from these two provocative thinkers again! Join us for the next segment of […]

Question: What is Qi and how does Qigong help you connect to Universal energies? Answer: Qi is Universal life. So when you practice Qigong, you are practicing Universal life. You are allowing yourself to open up more so Universal life can go through you. Imagine that your body is a TV screen. Now you have […]

It’s no surprise that many people are having great difficulty resolving health challenges today. Typically, we start from a place of analysis and separation. We divide the body, mind and spirit in an effort to achieve wholeness: the body goes to a physician; the mind is given over to a psychologist; sometimes, the spirit seeks […]