Bean sprouts represent the promise of new life. Grand Master Nan Lu explains why mung bean sprouts are essential to good health, especially in Spring.

The tiny mungbean has been a proven TCM superfood for thousands of years. Learn more about its energetic essence and recipes to try at home.

Find out what Grand Master Lu has to say about pure Qi and maintaining our innate connection to the ebb and flow of Nature.

Have Your Heard? Apricots have been used as a healing food for thousands of years. In traditional Chinese medicine, food is used as medicine to heal the body, mind and spirit. Apricots are no exception. Energetically, apricots pack a powerful punch when it comes to supporting the body against Heart disease.  The essence of these […]

Mung beans are an ancient Chinese medicine superfood that support your entire body while detoxing and strengthening your Stomach and Liver.