Consciousness and Universal Connections: A conversation with Grand Master Nan Lu and Menas Kafatos, PhD If you attended our 2017 conference, you’ll recall a lively exchange between quantum physicist Menas Kafatos, PhD and Grand Master Lu. We couldn’t wait a whole year to learn from these two provocative thinkers again! Join us for the next segment of […]

As the story goes, an old Cherokee chief was sitting on the banks of the river with his grandson. The boy was very upset about a fight he had with a friend and was seeking guidance from his grandfather. The old man looked out at the water and then back down at his aged hands, […]

We create our reality. This is true but based on what? We haven’t been trained to see how we create it. Your consciousness creates your true reality. ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ This statement is used only for negative outcomes. Why be careful of what we wish for? Somewhere, deep in our consciousness, our […]

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