It’s no surprise that many people are having great difficulty resolving health challenges today. Typically, we start from a place of analysis and separation. We divide the body, mind and spirit in an effort to achieve wholeness: the body goes to a physician; the mind is given over to a psychologist; sometimes, the spirit seeks […]

In TCM, we often speak about humans being part of the interconnected whole—the web of life—that includes all of Nature’s creations, from the tiniest ant to the cosmos themselves. This quote from Albert Einstein calls us to understand the simplicity and complexity of it all. A human being is a part of a whole, called […]

Compassion is the desire to lend a hand to another in need. Throughout out lives, we’ve all experienced situations where someone in need looked our way for guidance and support. But in order to truly have compassion for someone else, you must first have compassion for yourself. The first step is to spend time in […]

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