“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


All our self-healing programs are based on Wu Ming Qigong practice.

Dragon’s Way® Classes

Dragon’s Way Qigong®  is a wellness program that addresses energetic imbalances in the body. The energetic level is where the body’s true power resides. By accessing this level, through various pathways, excess weight as well as a host of physical and emotional complaints drop away. The program includes Wu Ming Qigong practice, a healthy eating plan, lifestyle guidance, and herbal support.

The Dragon’s Way® Instructor Training

A growing number of individuals from various disciplines have come to recognize the unique teachings that make-up the Dragon’s Way program. During our certification process instructors in training experience the power and importance of energy and how to use it wisely to enjoy a healthy life. Once the training is complete, instructors receive Grand Master Lu’s permission to carry the self-healing message of the Dragon’s Way to their communities. Since this is an energy based program, your own energy cultivation is key to running successful programs.


Dragon’s Way® Deep Dive

This weekend intensive offered by program developer Grand Master Nan Lu is a unique opportunity to deepen the Dragon’s Way teachings. Experience a higher level of Qigong practice and expand your current thinking of consciousness and everyday health.  Stepping up your Dragon’s Way® practice is a powerful journey.

Professional Training

TCMWF offers professional trainings throughout the year to foster interdisciplinary collaboration by offering participants from various healthcare practices a solid understanding of the origins and purpose of  TCM. This platform helps practitioners deepen their skill at applying TCM’s body-mind-spirit approach and its legendary Five Element energetic framework.


Women’s Health

Women’s health needs are truly unique. Every woman’s life is a beautiful complete cycle of intertwining life stages, with each stage requiring a different energy for her body, mind, and spirit to be balanced. Teaching women how to build and conserve energy at every stage of life is a gift that traditional Chinese medicine shares.


Breast Cancer Prevention Project

True prevention to support breast health is an active, life-enhancing process. From the Chinese medicine perspective, true prevention can only be gained from a strong internal energy system and balanced organ systems that work in harmony. The Breast Cancer Prevention Project is an educational initiative created to provide all women with this vital information and interactive classes.

Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health: One-Day Training Workshop

Empowering women with self-care techniques is an important step toward true prevention. In this one day training, participants learn seven Wu Ming Qigong movements to promote breast health. We encourage you to share these movements with women everywhere and help us in our mission to empower women with a message of health and wellness.

Building Bridges Conference

Now more than ever, healthcare professionals need a revolutionary framework to deal with the chronic metabolic illnesses swamping society. From healthcare to the environment to finance, our limited thinking has boxed us into a world built on separateness, analyzation, and differentiation. It’s time to embrace the true underpinnings of reality: oneness and the understanding that everything is Qi or energy.