Difficult Concepts with Dr. Nan Lu

Jun 11Jun 25

Dr. Lu focuses on simplifying and deepening complex concepts that often lead to mis-diagnoses and ineffective treatment plans. The study of traditional Chinese medicine is an ever-evolving journey, continually opening practitioners to new insights into the various frameworks that align with the human body.

  • June 4: Dampness and Damp Heat: What is it really, how to diagnose and how to guide dampness out of the body.
  • June 11: Yin/Yang of organ function-What really does Kidney Yang or Liver Yang rising represent?
  • June 18: Needle Stimulation:  Is it necessary or does the practitioners Qi matter more?
  • June 25: TCM – As a  Functional Medicine Modality

Practitioners are encouraged to share clinical questions for discussion. PDAs 6 through NCCAOM