Energy Leak? Start Fresh in the New Year

About 48 percent of us make New Year’s resolutions. Interestingly, only about eight percent of us actually achieve those goals. (Not surprising, the number one resolution is to lose weight.) We start the year with the best of intentions and a commitment to real change. Why is success so elusive? It’s not because your heart isn’t in the right place; maybe it’s something else. Maybe you’re missing enough Qi to help your body and mind cooperate with your spirit to tackle real change.

If you’re ready for real change, start this year by nurturing yourself—body, mind and spirit. TCM World Foundation and founding director Grand Master Nan Lu have just what you need to succeed.

Before we talk about this journey; however, we’d like you to know this path is unlike any you may have tried. It focuses on Qi, your precious life force. Its approach is simple. Every action your body takes, whether physical, mental or emotional, requires a certain amount of Qi or vital energy to perform. If an action is excessive or chronic—like worry or irritability—it takes its toll and depletes your energy. At first, you’ll feel this diminished energy in random, episodic ways—a headache here, a bout of indigestion there, a few sleepless nights, a little fatigue at day’s end. This is a subtle language letting you know your body is tumbling out of balance; these are messages asking for support. The body is starting to change, but not in a good way. How can you help it get back on track?

We invite you to join us for our popular 7-Day Qigong & Soup Cleanse that can help identify your energy leaks, discover how to bolster and conserve Qi, as well as navigate winter’s energies smoothly. The program offers a unique self-assessment analysis of 24 areas where you might have an energy leak. It includes daily video inspirations from Grand Master Lu, special Qigong movements to practice daily, a kick-off conference call, a flexible eating-for-healing plan and a private Facebook forum where you can share insights and triumphs! Best of all, the consciousness of many hundreds of participants with like-minded intentions of real change charge this program’s energy field and amplify your Qigong practice. Invite your family and friends … the more the merrier, the bigger the energy field. This year, do it differently. Achieve the transformation you’ve been searching for!

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