Your Body is an Organic Whole

“The body is an organic whole. We can’t just look at an individual organ without looking at the whole body.” – Grand Master Nan Lu

Humans have many different parts–organs, veins, muscles, bones, tendons, eyes, teeth, nails, and so on. But your body is not just a collection of parts–it is an organic whole. In order for your arm to lift and your hand to hold, they must both receive a message from your brain. This communication happens naturally, and seems almost instantaneous–faster than we can even perceive it happening. While the physical body is miraculous, the communication system we just witnessed goes much deeper than neurotransmission. It is powered by something we can’t see–Qi. This powerful, energetic force animates and breathes life into everything in the Universal picture, including human beings. Through Qi, our organ systems are able to communicate with each other to ensure smooth energy flow. When one system is stressed, another chips in to lift it. When all organ systems work to their potential and communicate harmoniously, the body is fully in balance. That’s when we feel strong, healthy and relaxed.

As long as the body is in balance, disease cannot enter. To prevent the body from falling out of balance, you have to look at the body as an organic whole. For example, only certain people suffer the effects of Fall and Spring allergies. Why? This is a relationship issue. The body is out of balance with Nature. If in Summer and Late Summer, the body becomes stronger, healthier and in balance, it will be able to transition into Fall without disease, illness or allergies.

Grand Master Lu shares his wisdom in the video below.


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