What comes to mind when you think of the word “warming”? You may envision yourself sitting on a beach with tropical sunshine on your face and sand between your toes. You close your eyes and feel at peace, comforted by the rolling ocean waves and renewed by the saltwater breeze. We all have different memories, and so our word associations could be entirely different. To some, “warming” might signify a steamy cup of hot chocolate while sitting in the stands during an ice hockey game. To others, “warming” brings back childhood memories of roasting s’mores over the campfire.

Whatever your association, your body innately connects “warming” with health and comfort. Warming foods and drinks nourish the body.

Think of a newborn baby. When the child it born, it nurses–receiving food that is already warm. Would you give a baby a bottle straight from the refrigerator? No, of course not. You’d warm it first. Treat yourself the same way. Putting cold in requires the body to use its Qi, or internal energy, to warm up the drink or food before starting the digestion process.

Save your Qi! Drink and eat warm!

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