Modern men often face a number of health issues that can be traced back to poor Kidney function. Most of these concerns can be addressed through acupuncture, herbal medicine and Qigong exercises, as well as healthy lifestyle choices, diet, and stress reduction.

The Kidney acts as the body’s powerhouse, storing energy and supplying this Qi to the whole body. All of your genetic power is stored in the Kidney. After you are born, this Qi is used for growth throughout the body. All growth—including sexual development, hormones, and the ability to reproduce—is related to Kidney Qi. In addition, bones, teeth, knees and head hair are strong indicators of the amount and quality of Kidney Qi in anyone, at any age.

Prevention is a key tenet of Chinese medicine. Keeping the mind, body and spirit in balance is the key to maintaining good health.

Try these simple tips to boost your Kidney health:

1. Lessen your stress. Chronic stress impacts the Liver. The Kidney then pushes harder to give the Liver extra support. Try taking breaks from the computer during the day and simplifying your schedule.

2. Eat-for-healing. Incorporate seafood (salmon, oysters, clams, shrimp, lobster), nuts (walnuts, cashews, pine nuts), black beans and black sesame seeds into your diet. Include these Kidney-boosting foods as well: bee pollen, cauliflower, seaweed and bone broth or marrow.

3. Catch your Zzzzs. Kidney Qi is prominent in Winter. During this time, animals hibernate so they can awaken refreshed in Spring. Follow their lead! Head to bed before midnight!

4. Practice! Just 10-20 minutes of Qigong practice each day can help your mind, body and spirit begin to re-balance. Keep it up and see how you feel after a month of continued practice. Challenge yourself!

Qigong for Men’s Health: Complimentary Class

Join us for a special evening to celebrate dads. This complimentary class is open to newcomers and to those men who have participated in previous classes. Experience the self-healing power of Qigong.

Wednesday, June 12 at 7:00 pm at our center in NYC.
Men's Health

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