The moon is a cosmic being that brightens the night sky with its heavenly glow. But this celestial object has a huge impact on life on Earth. It has the greatest influence on the ocean tides, causing the highest tides during full and new moons. Imagine that! An object in the sky can exert its gravitational force to affect oceans on Earth. That is powerful Qi! And this is your opportunity to connect to that power.

The last full supermoon of 2020 will grace our skies Thursday, May 7th. Since February, we’ve experienced three supermoons. This month will bring the fourth. The Super Flower Moon, named also for the blooms that arrive in May, will reach peak illumination at 6:45 am EST on Thursday. The supermoon will share its glorious light through Friday morning.

Connect with the consciousness of the Super Flower Moon and the energy of others from around the world. At 6:45 am EST, stand outside in silent meditation in our most powerful Qigong posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.  Let your mind go. Breathe in and breathe out. Align yourself with the moon’s energy. Hold the posture for as long as you can. See the below video for a visual of the posture.


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