During this transitional time between Fall and Winter, the days get shorter as darkness falls earlier in the evening. Many people are greatly affected by the changing pattern of daylight and darkness, often called the “winter blues.”

Nature’s transitions, like differing amounts of daylight and colder temperatures, throw many of us off balance. We find ourselves feeling blue or struggling with a cold, flu or stomach virus. But isn’t it interesting that Nature’s creatures are able to easily flow with whatever Nature may bring? Animals sense the weather changing and begin their winter preparations. Flowers and trees go dormant and lose their leaves in order to conserve energy for the winter months. If trees didn’t lose their leaves, imagine what might happen during the first heavy snowfall? Nature knows. Follow its patterns.

Becoming one with Nature allows us to flow in harmony with its changes and seasonal patterns.

Follow these tips to make a smooth transition:

  1. Be Peaceful: You are part of Nature, so everything that happens has an affect on you. As the time changes, weather gets cooler, and nighttime falls earlier, spend your time resting and being peaceful. Let go of your worries and allow your mind and body to deeply rest.
  2. Meditate or Practice: During this seasonal transition, sit in quiet meditation or hold the Qigong posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. Doing so will help you connect with this infinite Universal power. You never know what messages are being sent and what “information” you will receive.
  3. Be Observant: Watch the animals. Notice how their patterns begin to change. Are birds chirping louder than usual or is Nature suddenly quiet. How do the plants and animals adjust to these seasonal changes? Remember, we are all energy beings—infinitely connected to Nature and all living beings.
  4. Eat and Think for Healing: Treat your body right! Start by feeding it warm, loving foods and warm, loving thoughts. Remember, on a lower level, you are what you eat. But on a higher level, you are what you think.
  5. Bundle Up and Get Outside: On a sunny day, bundle up and get outside. Let the sun shine on your face. Absorb all of Nature’s goodness and notice how Nature’s creatures are reveling in the warm sunshine, too.
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