Everything in life has a purpose. Think about something as simple as a paper clip. It’s proper function is to hold pieces of paper together. But what other functions can this little piece of metal have? It can be placed on the sticky side of a roll of tape so the end point can be easily found. It can be unfolded and used in place of a mini screwdriver, or turned into a small metal sculpture. Its uses—beyond the intended one—are endless. Paper clips, like every other invention, were created to serve a purpose. There was intention behind it. But with our creative eye, we can give that item a much larger purpose.

Can you think about yourself in the same way? What is your life’s purpose? Are you a mom or a dad? A sister or brother? A husband or wife? An employee? You can be one or all of these things. To your children, you are mom or dad, first and foremost. To your husband or wife you are a life partner. And to your boss, you are an employee. Don’t let it end there. You are viewed in many different lights by many different people. But how do you view yourself? What deeper purpose does your life serve?

Most people get lost in the “labels” they are given by others and lose sight of who they are deep within. Some are afraid to venture within for fear of finding raw feelings that they’ll have to work through, or worse—that they might not like who they find. The process of self-discovery is an enlightening one. And the only way to break through those barriers and get to the root of who you are is to stop and listen.

Get in tune with yourself. Truly listen to what your body, mind, and spirit are saying to you. Start externally with the symptoms you’re feeling—and don’t let them scare you! Symptoms are your body’s way of talking to you. Then begin to dive a little deeper, exploring those thoughts in your head. Give them wings and set them free. Your thoughts, feelings, and dreams all serve a purpose. They add messages to the story you are building. It’s up to you to tie those tidbits together to make the story complete. Finally, your spirit—tap into your quiet side and nurture your soul by being peaceful, smiling from the heart, and getting in tune with Nature. Over time, you will begin to find that your body, mind, and spirit are indeed connected. And once you’ve given yourself a chance to shine, you may just like the person you uncover deep within.


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