"The best doctor concentrates on prevention instead of fixing disease.”  - Nei Jing (475-221 B.C.E.)


Pleasure Habits

Do you have to be constant motion?

Do you overeat?

Do you smoke?

Do you drink too much alcohol? More than two glasses a day?

Do you have frequent sex or frequently change sex partners?

Do you perform high-impact exercises more than three times a week?

Do you take drugs, either prescription or recreational?

Do you take birth control pills?

If you answered “yes” to questions 1,2, 5 or 6, you are needlessly using up too much of your body’s energy! Every day, your body has a minimum energy requirement to be able to do all your daily activities: move, breathe, sleep, digest, think, etc.  On top of this, you need energy to handle changes in the weather, the seasons, your emotions, your relationships, and so forth.  If there is any energy left over, then your body can use that to heal itself.  If we spend our energy wisely, we will have more for our healing benefit!

If you answered “yes” to questions 4, 7 or 8, then you may be impacting your Liver function in a problematic way. Liver energy is all about flow, in the body as well as in your life.  Once you impact Liver function, you may begin to see signs of stagnation.  Refer to the “Checklist of Frequent Discomforts” for related signs and symptoms.