"The best doctor concentrates on prevention instead of fixing disease.”  - Nei Jing (475-221 B.C.E.)


Emotional Stability

Do you feel depressed? Do you take medication for depression?

Do you have feelings of anger continually?

Do you cry easily and often?

Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?

Is it hard for you to make decisions?

Do you worry all the time?

Are you under a lot of stress for continued periods of time?

Do you suffer from frequent mood swings?

Do negative events from the past continue to bother you today?

TCM does not believe that emotions occur only in your mind or in your thoughts. This holistic medical system understands that your body, mind, emotions and spirit are completely linked and interconnected. It identifies five specific emotions that, if experienced intensely or over a long period of time, have the ability to destroy the healthy functioning of their related organ. In the TCM paradigm, the Liver is related to anger, the Heart is related to Joy, the Spleen is related to Worry, the Lung is related to sadness, and the Kidney is related to Fear.

The relationship between emotions and organs is also reflexive. This means that a poorly functioning organ can actually cause the associated emotion. For example, deficient Kidney Qi, or energy, can cause feelings of extreme or persistent anxiety or even panic attacks. These conditions could also be a sign that your Kidney and Heart are not functioning in harmony. Because TCM views Kidney Qi as the energy foundation for the entire body, the best way to address these emotional issues or conditions is to treat their root cause by strengthening Kidney Qi.