Stay Calm During the Spring

Spring is an exciting time for most people. Nature awakens from winter’s rest and a sense of renewal fills the air. Life is bursting with energy!

Yet, quite often, with the arrival of spring comes allergies, aggravated high blood pressure, and other ailments. Why? When a season’s energy, or Qi, changes, your body must also flow with these cycles of Universal change. When the seasons change, you are at your most vulnerable. So if you are continually in a state of stress and anxiety, the amount of Qi you have available to deal with these seasonal changes is lessened.

The organ most closely related to Spring is the Liver. Your Liver would like to pursue its natural course of “going with the flow,” unfortunately, when Qi gets “stuck,” ailments start to appear. So in spite of the good feelings this season fosters, stay calm during the spring. Go slow. Take a nice long walk in the park or do other gentle exercises. Don’t get caught up in spring’s intense new energies. Your Liver will thank you!