Close your eyes and think back to last Spring. The gardens were lively with energy as new buds emerged from the soil and grew to full-size within a few days. In the early morning, before the sun had time to fully warm them, the blooms stayed closed. A few hours later, tulips, azaleas and daffodils opened to face the sun. They absorbed the energy they needed to show their true beauty.

These transformations are just beginning to take place in the northeast. In other areas of the U.S., Spring is fully present. Every Spring, Nature transitions. Animals emerge from hibernation as Winter’s self-contained quiet comes to an end. Flowers and trees become full of life and color as they welcome this new beginning. As humans, we also transition from season to season.

Spring transitions may leave us feeling a bit achy and uncomfortable. Why? Everything is energy—even physical and emotional discomforts. As you process this seasonal change, take time to sit in Nature and observe what is happening. Instead of being an outsider in the natural world, make Nature a part of your daily life. Take longer walks along winding roads, spend a weekend out in the country, and grow your own organic produce. Becoming one with Nature will help you to enjoy this gift that is bestowed upon us every year: Spring energy!

As Nature prepares and the season shifts, you may feel an energy buzz. This energy surge is like getting a salary bonus—suddenly you have a lot more to spend! You may jump in head-first—cleaning, preparing, fixing, emptying and organizing. But after you empty out crowded closets and junk drawers, do you focus on the things you left behind or on the tidy closets that you created? It’s all about perspective. If you can see past the garbage, you’ll open yourself up to the beautiful possibilities that follow: less stress, a lighter and freer attitude, and the wisdom that your body truly knows the shortcut to health and happiness.

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