Women’s Health Series: Complimentary Education


Here’s an opportunity to study with Grand Master Nan Lu and learn about women’s health from a Chinese medicine perspective.

  • Learn why women’s bodies are so sensitive.
  • How to apply the Five Element Consciousness Framework to understand signs of imbalances.
  • How to use the unique gifts women possess to create the best life.

Sessions will be over Zoom each Tuesday evening, 7:00 PM (EST,) starting  January 12, until May.

Registration is free but we ask that you sign-up by registering here. Please share this class with other women.


Traditional Chinese Medicine appreciates that we are all born with the ability to self-heal, if we understand how to connect to that innate power. Additionally, with their creative and life-giving abilities, women have a unique capacity to restore the body’s physical, emotional and energetic balance. Through this series you will learn how to tap into this unique gift and how to build a better relationship with your body.

Our goal is to help women discover their innate power and to understand the root cause of any illness or symptom. Invisible, energetic imbalances translate into a consciousness that we experience in a visible or physical form. In Chinese medicine, the Five Element Framework offers a guide to help us decipher how each organ cooperates with one another to create a harmonious system.

In this workshop, we will discuss this energetic system, as it relates to women’s health and the root cause of common conditions. You will gain a new perspective, and tools to help you become more balanced in mind, body and Spirit.