Winter 2023 Seasonal Program

Winter is the best time to enhance Kidney energy.  Join us and experience how great you feel when Qigong practice and warming foods nurture your inner most resources.

  • Qi enhancing Qigong practice
  • Nurturing eating plan
  • Lively calls
  • Support group
  • Herbal suggestions
  • Community of likeminded people to support you.
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Each season we follow nature’s lead and tap into its consciousness.  This allows us to continue self cultivating with nature as our guide. Join us and experience how great you feel when Qigong practice, meditation and a new found sense of self nurture your inner most resources.

You’ll support your body with warming soups, experience restorative Qigong postures and learn about the energetic potential of your body. In stimulating conversations Grand Master Nan Lu will share his perspective on Five Element Consciousness living.

Your personal Qi will begin to build, move and shift bring you closer to your true potential.  As the week comes to a close, you’ll be guided on how to move forward until we meet again in the Spring,  (Liver Qi Enhancement)

Everything we do is about energy.  All energy is communication.  Your body communicates with Nature and the Universe as a whole.  Congratulate yourself for recognizing the wisdom of your body.

This virtual program includes:

  • Three Zoom sessions with Grand Master Lu
  • Qigong practices
  • One Guided Meditation to keep!
  • Consciousness Eating Plan and recipes
  • Support call with our instructors
  • Private Facebook forum
  • Herbal Support (optional)
  • Private Guidance Session (discounted rate-optional)
  • Access to program materials for 1 month