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2023 Spring ReSet Program

Spring Qi ReSeT is a naturally occurring process. Nature reawakens during the Spring season in a renewed desire to grow and transform.  Energetically your Liver Qi closely aligns with this frequency of flow and expression.  Components of this program are energetically targeted to create Liver flow which has an immediate impact on emotions.

Bonus: Explore why emotions create 99.9 percent of your health problems.

An Emotional Affair With Your Mind from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective



In order for your life to change, your awareness must shift.  This cannot be achieved through the mind alone.  First you must become aware of your patterns, then you may have a chance to change your beliefs.  To support this transition, we go to the body’s deepest level of healing, the energetic level.  Through quality Qigong practice we reawaken the body’s Qi potential.  Once this happens it’s easier for the mind to “accept” a new way of thinking.  This in turn will put you on a new path to healing.

–Grand Master Nan Lu

This virtual program includes:

  • Three Zoom sessions with Grand Master Lu
  • Qigong practices
  • Eating Plan and recipes
  • Support call with our instructors
  • Private Facebook forum
  • Herbal Support (optional)
  • Private Guidance Session (discounted rate-optional)
  • Access to program materials until April 22.


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