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Qigong for a Smooth Pregnancy (1): Reducing Nausea & Anxiety


Many women endure nausea and anxiety during pregnancy.  It’s a response from the body as it prepares to nurture the fetus. Energetically the body is shifting and in so doing women may feel a variety of discomforts.  It’s perfectly natural but it is uncomfortable.  In this video, women can learn how to use Qigong practices to reduce these side-effects.

As hormone levels change, and the body becomes acclimated to the pregnancy, women begin to loose that sense of “morning sickness.”

Dr. Lu explains more and demonstrates what to do.

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Often pregnancy is accompanied by discomforts that can be addressed naturally, without medications. Issues like nausea, anxiety and a sense of restlessness often occur.

Caring for this precious unborn child while supporting the mom is a specialty of TCM. Dr. Nan Lu guides mom’s to-be using soft Qigong practices that soothe the body.

1. Anxiety and Mood Swings
2. Nausea
3. Loss of Appetite
4. Sleeplessness

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