• 3 E Qigong

Energy, Everybody, Everyday: Video On-Demand

We all need energy to maintain health. The 3 Es can help you achieve this result. It’s a fun, yet powerful set of Qigong movements that will help you gain emotional and physical balance.


Developed by Grand Master Nan Lu, this practice is beneficial for anyone at any age and any stage of health. He reminds us that quality Qigong practice is the key to tapping into the body’s innate abilities to heal. Some forms of Qigong practice will move energy while others help to accumulate Qi. Without Qi there is no life.

Grand Master Nan Lu has been studying martial arts and Chinese medicine for over 50 years. He shares this wisdom in hopes that individuals will live happier lives. Learn more about Grand Master Lu on grandmasternanlu.com

For best results:

Practice this routine daily and become aware of how your body is changing.
Practice the 3 Es for a few weeks before adding in some of our other Qigong practices.
Don’t worry about getting the movements perfectly. Follow along with Grand Master Nan Lu and relax into the form.

Available On Demand through Vimeo. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the trailer.  The Three E’s.

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