Dragon’s Way Qigong® Guidebook with DVD


Purchased together, the guidebook and video take you week-by-week through the Dragon’s Way Qigong program. You’ll be guided to learn how your body communicates with you.  The messages become so clear that you now listen to your food cravings, intuitively learn how to manage stress and how to use your new Qigong practice to achieve greater health.

Enjoy the transformative experience!

For thousands of years, great masters have shared the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.  They understood that man was not separate from nature, rather a reflection of this life-cycle. They saw how energetically our bodies mirrored nature and applied this knowing to human health, body, mind and Spirit.

Dragon’s Way Qigong helps you to digest these teachings and apply them to your everyday life.  Once you do, imbalances drop away and an overall sense of vitality and well-being is your new resource.

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The Dragon’s Way Qigong® DVD includes a teaching module to walk you through each movement as well as an opportunity to practice the complete form with Grand Master Nan Lu.  Our new full-color guidebook includes loads of recipes, action plans, journal pages, inspirational quotes, personal assessment guides, and so much more.

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