• Fall Qi Reset

Fall Qi ReSet 2023

This season revolves around the Lung and Large Intestine. Enhance these vital organs through Qigong practice and a newfound awareness of your body’s ability to connect with Nature. When you align with Nature’s guidance, her strength becomes unmistakable.   An on-line retreat.

Registration fee is $99.00.

For best results consider adding these options on.

Herbal Supplements 24.00 (optional)

Private support session 75.00 (optional)




This journey teaches a skill-set that can be applied throughout the season to support Lung health which is directly related to immune health.  We encourage you to participate in all aspects of the program for optimal results.

Join Grand Master Nan Lu for a week long study in the ancient art of healing.

  • Qigong practice
  • 3 live lectures on the Traditional Chinese Medicine view of Lung and Large Intestine capabilities.
  • Eating for the season
  • Continued guidance and support from staff
  • Facebook community of like-minded individuals
  • Access to program materials for 1 month

During the fall season, Lung energy can benefit from additional support. The Lung is responsible for distributing Qi to all your organs and therefore plays a key role in immune health. The colon, partner to the Lung, must go through the action of release.  If either cannot meet their functional requirements, the body’s energy flow will not be balanced.  This intensive will energetically support the Lung and colon.

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Weight .50 lbs

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