2021 Summer Seasonal Program: Heart Harmony Membership

Summer is the best time to think about Heart health.  We use Nature as our master teacher to learn why Summer is an auspicious time to enhance the Heart, what Heart health really means, and how to use Nature’s frequency to “speak” to the Heart.  We’ve often said that joy is the emotion of the Heart. Through joy there’s love, through love there’s playfulness, through playfulness you will enjoy life.  Experience and transform!

In Chinese medicine, it is said the Heart is the King of all organs. As such, it holds the key to longevity and great health. During this program, Grand Master Lu will share his perspective on how to naturally support the Heart.

Program includes a private membership page complete with Qigong practices, links to Zoom calls with Grand Master Lu, guidance on how to begin the journey, Healthy Eating Plan, support calls, private Facebook Forum and more. Here’s more.



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Happiness is the goal!

During this 10-day journey we’ll guide you to become more playful and to use Qigong practices to enhance your Heart energy. The Heart is the King of all organs. It must be peaceful. We’ll journey together towards this end.

Herbal Support

Who couldn’t use an additional boost? These herbs will help you achieve greater results.

Wear Red!

Red, the color of passion. We’ve added a custom calligraphy, Fire, to tap into the consciousness of living with passion! Let’s tap into this morphic field by wearing this shirt.