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Yields1 Serving

Eaten for centuries by the Chinese as a simple food-as-medicine herbal remedy, Chinese barley (Job’s Tears) can rid the body of extra water and mucus that can contribute to weight gain, sluggishness, and arthritis. It is also particularly good at balancing the Qi of the digestive system, especially the Spleen and Stomach. Irma likes to make this for a quick breakfast or lunch with leftover barley cooked the day before!

 1 cup cooked Chinese barley, drained and cooled, left over from another meal
 ¼ cup almond slices
 1 apple, diced
 ½ cup frozen peas
 Sesame ginger salad dressing, any good quality brand

Immerse the peas in boiling water, to warm and soften, then drain.


Mix all the ingredients together, adding the salad dressing to taste.


Decorate with orange slices if desired before serving!